Kids Cook, Grown-ups Wash Up (KCGWU)


Getting children and young people interested in cooking is really, really important.

So I’m launching Kids Cook, Grown-ups Wash Up Day!

instead of getting the kids to wash up after you’ve cooked – switch it round for a change.

Let’s face it, for many – or perhaps most families, the kids’ main experience of cooking and eating fresh meals is setting the table, then arguing over who’s turn it is to wash up. (As a parent I know I’ve been more than guilty on this front….)

So I started thinking perhaps this contributes to some kids seeing cooking as a chore rather than a creative pleasure. The grown-ups get all the fun of making a mess and the satisfaction of putting good food on the table, then it’s the offsprings’ job to clear up.

So please join my mission to get more children inspired by cooking and send me your pictures of your KCGWU day!

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